The Event work exhibited in Siyah White exhibition at CDA Project curated by Başak Şenova. Works from exhibition was arranged on the table along whole gallery. The figure of girl stencil is over the table and from that stencil you can find *ink on paper which attached under the table. All of the figures gain a visibility from a mirror in the floor.

Viewer start to see the figures when closing the works. Connection of inside and outside world situation …the girl figure; she is a eyewitness of a one event and it effected her. Daily events can be effect our life in a day and loneliness is a piece of part of this work. If you want you can phrase this figure by alone or by closing her you can get an idea of girls’ situation and her thoughts.

The Event, 70x100cm, Stencil, 2011

Untitled, 70x100cm, Ink on Paper, 2011