Visual Artist

İlgen Arzık, who produces her works in analog fashion using black and white experimental photographic printing techniques (especially photograms) in a dark room, draws attention to current events through conceptual inquiries by using elements of irony and humor. Arzık, a graduate of the Painting Department at Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty, blends the traditional darkroom printing techniques carried by the art of photography with an alternative style with an experimental attitude thanks to her painting background. Arzık uses live models and various objects in her studio while making use of various light and shadow effects, putting forth an alternative universe vision. In her works, randomness has an important place. Elements of ambiguity, contrast, and humor are utilized by Arzık to encourage the audience to question reality also have an important place in her narrative style. In her works, Arzık deals with the cultural and political problems of the world and the geography she lives in, addresses anxieties about nature, and investigates reality. She reached a simpler narrative by trying different mediums over time. She mostly works in series.

She lives and works in Istanbul.

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1998-2002 Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department, Istanbul
1994-1998 Istanbul Anatolia Fine Arts High School Painting Department, Istanbul

Solo Exhibition

2020 “Let’s Talk About the Bright Side”, Muaf Bar, Istanbul
2018 “A True Story”, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul
2013 “Fuzzy Set” – Under the coverage of the Scientific Inquiries Project of Koç University – Operation Room at the American Hospital, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Olumlayan Dünya, Summart Gallery, Istanbul
2020 Sharing Water, Maksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
2019 Esin Keçisi, Gallery Mod, Istanbul
2018 Mad World, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul
2018 Facial Blindness, Bayanyanı Art Project, Istanbul
2017 Sosyomanya, Bozlu Art Project, Istanbul
2016 Unexpected Territories, Tüyap Art Fair, Istanbul
2016 Editions, Kuad gallery, Istanbul
2015 Mamut Art Project, Istanbul
2014 Middle East, Middle East Technical University, Ankara
2013 Black Sea Calling, Galerie Ernest HILGER, Vienna
2012 Siyah/White, CDA project, Istanbul
2011 1st International Izmir Art Biennial, Izmir
2010 Tuyap Istanbul Art Fair Collective Exhibition, Istanbul
2010 Liselim, Tophane-i Amire, Istanbul


2011 Achievement Award, The 30th Contemporary Artists Exhibition
Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums, Akbank, Istanbul
2009 Achievement Award, The 9th Sefik Bursali Exhibition, Ankara
2008 Achievement Award, 50th year Anatolian Uni. Exhibition, Eskişehir


2012 Air-Krems, (BLACK SEA CALLING is an artist-in-residence exchange programme between Austria and 9 countries of the Black Sea region), Krems, Austria